Workshops for Beginners to Novice $350.00
Brett is an educator and speaker in the photography industry and loves to teach his craft and philosophy. He has worked on creative projects with Canon Professional Services inspiring our nations youth to make the world a better place through visual arts. Brett has a formal education in Photojournalism and Motion Pictures from The University on Miami.

Learn at an accelerated pace with Brett as he teaches you the exposure triangle with simplicity.

What you will learn:

How to use your DSLR in manual mode.
How control your settings, focus, stop motion, shoot in very low light and add different kinds of light.

Did you know your DSLR has a brain? It can help you!

Brett will also give you advice on which lenses will best serve your specific needs.

Post production editing tips and tricks.

Workshops are 2 and half hours in our favorite park here in Weston. Workshops are fun! Bring your creative side!

Special Group Rate available, contact Brett!
Total Price: $350.00
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